What to look for while buying a wood chipper for your business?

What to look for while buying a wood chipper for your business?

Wood chippers can turn huge, unmanageable trees and branches that are difficult to transport into valuable recycling materials. Using a wood chipper is preferable to alternatives such as burning because it enables you to utilize natural resources while also providing an eco-friendly disposal method. Wood chippers even allow you to convert organic waste into compost and mulch to nourish your soil.

All about Wood Chipper

Typically, a wood chipper is a machine that is specially designed to cut tree limbs, branches and trunks into small pieces or chips. It allows trucks to lift more load by breaking wood into small chips or pieces. These machines make cleaning up after vegetation maintenance less endurance. So the time and budget are reduced when you buy these affordable wood chipper machines from New Lehra Industries.

Chippers are portable & installed on wheels so that they can use behind chip trucks. It consists of an internal combustion engine that offers high power ranging from 3 horsepower to 1000 horsepower. These machines also have a hydraulic crane to handle large-scale jobs quickly &

Sub classifications of Chippers

Wood chippers can be classified into several types. Some of them are classified as under:

Wood shredder

Shorter than a chipper and equipped with semi-blunt blades. The way a wood chipper and a wood shredder degrade substance distinguishes them. Whereas chippers break down larger limbs and branches, shredders work on smaller vegetation debris, such as leaves, to create mulch and compost.

Chipper shredder

Integrates shredding and chipping operations.

Stump grinder

Professional-grade woodcutter machine that grinds tree stumps into mulch and sawdust using a multi-toothed cutting wheel.

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Factors to consider while buying a wood chipper

When you decide to buy a chipper for your business, you
need to look at several factors or points. Some of them are discussed below:


The foremost factor is the capacity of the machine to chip. Look, small-sized machines offer reliability and have a capacity to chip wood pieces with a diameter of 2-3 inches. In comparison, commercial machines have an overall ability to chip wood of 160 inches.

Blade quality

What’s the blade quality fitted in a machine. It’s a myth that more blades in a machine mean more chipping power. But even a single
blade can do a better job and reduce your manpower. It’s significantly


Narrower machines for household usage typically have an electric motor. However, professional machines will be powered by gasoline.

As a result, the benefits of using an electric chipper, lower maintenance, fume-free operation, and a lower price are inapplicable to buyers who require an industrial/commercial-sized unit to carry heavy jobs.



Wood chipper machines are the best-suited option as per your business requirements. They have the best features to handle multiple jobs and produce results instantly. For further assistance, you can visit a website.