Briquette cum Pellet Machine

Briquette Cum Pellet Machine

Briquette cum Pellet Machine is used to make Briquette and Pellets out of any agricultural and forest waste. Briquettes and Pellets are used in the replacement of fossil fuels which intern proves to be an environmental friendly product. This a Binder less technology. No adhesive or binder is used while producing Briquettes from our machines.
Raw materials: Raw materials which can be used to make Briquettes:
Agricultural waste: Rice husk, Mustard husk, Paddy straw, Groundnut shells, Cotton stalks, Sugarcane leaves and trash, Coconut shells, Arhar stalks, Coir pith, Coir dust, Bamboo sticks, Bamboo dust, Coffee waste, Corn cobs waste, Coffee waste etc.
Forest waste: Saw dust, Wood chips, Tree branches, Wood shavings, Tree twigs, Veneer waste, Pine needles etc.
Other waste: Press Mud, MSW, Paper waste, Bagasse.
*Input raw material has to be granulated form with the moisture content between 8-12%
Briquette size: 70mm/90mm/100mm
Pellet Size: 8mm/10mm/12mm/20mm

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